Tokenization infrastructure for RWA

Businesses of all types - from startups to large enterprises - can use Sabai Protocol and APIs to digitize value of real estate properties, launch their investment platforms and connect people to tokenized real estate deals online.

Sabai Ecoverse
Sabai Ecoverse
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How to Start with Sabai?

Create Sabai ID

Visit and create an account: It only takes 5 minutes and will require your email to proceed

Connect wallet

Next step would be to bind your EVM compatible wallet to Sabai ID. To do so, you need to prepare the wallet and press the red fox button on top right corner of Sabai ID.


Experience the whole range of opportunities with SABAI. To get tokens, use Sabai ID direct purchase button, or visit BitMart or Uniswap

Explore the Ecoverse!

Now you’re the main actor! Visit Academy to learn smth new, or just chill and play Sabai Light while increasing your staking rewards

Why Sabai matters?

Check out the stats and facts about Sabai Ecoverse and the impact we inflict

Sabai’s Mission

Minimal threshold

$10 tril

RWA industry size by 2030


Years of experience in Real Estate


Creational Games


Academy Courses


Sabai Users

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